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Chris BucknerChris is the primary Dungeon Master and the production engineer for Knights of Roleplay. He has been playing Dungeons and Dragons for over three decades. After playing approximately 70 characters, he was bit by the Dungeon Master bug and started his home group that would eventually become the Knights of Roleplay.

Distinguishing Traits:

  • A nice guy (he’s been told).
  • Passionate (sometimes overly so, but he’s working on it).


  • Fizzy (nickname from Greg).
  • Handsome (term of endearment from Kate).

Associated Catch Phrases:

  • “Your butt, your face, and your mom.”
  • “Fascinating!” (from his human warlock Professor Wilhelm VonMuller).
  • “Zeh Ravens!” or “Its zeh Ravenqueen!” (The Professor pointing out every raven as a sign of his patron the Raven Queen).

Why did you start playing roleplaying games?

  • A longtime friend introduced me to D&D in middle school. Over the years I played other roleplaying games like GURPS, Star Frontiers, Ars Magica, Vampire the Masquerade, Werewolf the Ascension, and Marvel Super Heroes to name a few.

What are your most memorable campaign moments?

  • Brain in a jar! I ran the same campaign for two groups and the “brain in a jar” fight was a major highlight in both. I couldn’t stop yelling, “Brain in a jar!”
  • My character Armus had secretly duplicated himself. When the boss in the boss fight killed him, Armus came running into the room on the next round, confusing everyone but myself and the DM.

What is one fun fact about you?

  • I cosplay as Spider-Man for children’s charities.


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