This is an actual play Dungeons and Dragons podcast from New Hampshire (listener discretion advised). Our goal is to spread the love of Dungeons and Dragons and to support and promote the D&D community. We hope new players will develop an interest in the game by listening to our podcast, and we hope experienced players will find some new ideas to incorporate into their existing campaigns. We also hope our unique style of banter and humor will be entertaining for our listeners. All of our music is royalty free and comes from four great composers: Kevin MacLeod (https://incompetech.com), Michael Ghelfi Studios (https://www.youtube.com/c/MichaelGhelfiMusic), Plate Mail Games (https://www.drivethrurpg.com/browse/pub/4847/Plate-Mail-Games), and Tabletop Audio (https://tabletopaudio.com).

Listen wherever you get your podcasts. Adventure episodes are published twice a month on Tuesdays. This is a change from our initial format when our adventure episodes were broken into parts and published weekly. Most episodes are our actual D&D sessions, but we have special episodes as well. Episodes 1-3 include an introduction, campaign info, and basic rules of fifth edition D&D. We have other special episodes like tips for dungeon masters and players, one-shot adventures, and battles royale.

At the top and bottom of this web page are a string of icons representing our Podbean site, a link to subscribe to our RSS feed (RSS reader needed), and our social media links. Please tell your friends about Knights of Roleplay and spread the word through social media. If you enjoy the podcast, please leave us a review anywhere this podcast can be found. Your help and support are greatly appreciated.


Growth Over Time

Hello everyone! This is DM (Dungeon Master) Chris. As with most podcasts we’ve grown and changed over time. Below is a list of some of those changes:

  • Overall our sound has always been decent and our mic technique has only gotten better. As a voice actor, it pains me to hear a couple lip smacks in our first adventure episode (#4 Spacefarers – New Frontiers – Part 1). As of episode #103 Tomb of Annihilation – Papazotl’s Tomb, I started experimenting with a new mic (AT875R) for the DM chair. Not that our regular mics are bad (AT2020), but I was hoping to avoid the occasional “clipping” that occurs when people get very loud. The new mic sounded good so I bought five more and we used them for episodes #108 and #109. Unfortunately, despite extensive sound tests between sessions, as well as tons of research and communication with various sound people, we couldn’t get more than one AT875R to sound good in our recording space. From episode #110 forward, we have continued to use our AT2020 mics. As of episode #111, I eliminated the audio clipping by adjusting our mixer settings based on information I obtained while experimenting with the AT875R mics. I’m ecstatic about how good our sound is now!
  • Our background music has definitely improved. It used to simply be picked up in the background but now I run the sound directly into the mixer which allows it to be more present on the podcast. I’ve also stopped the background music from “ducking” our voices, meaning the music no longer gets quieter when someone is talking and louder when no one is talking. I’ve also collected a lot more music over time so there is more variety.
  • I experimented with trailers for quite a while (#33-93) but the time and effort needed to make them led me to table them for the time being.
  • We appeared at our first convention in Sept of 2023. We had a table at Granite State Comicon for three days and met a lot of great people.

I’m always open to finding ways to improve our podcast. If you have any suggestions you can always contact us through this website using the Contact tab (preferred) or through our social media accounts (Facebook preferred).

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