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Chris BucknerKate and Chris are married. She started playing Dungeons and Dragons in 2015 when Chris started his home group that would eventually become the Knights of Roleplay. After Chris ran four different battles royale (where people fought each other with eighth level characters) Kate ran the fifth battle royale, her first time as Dungeon Master. She did well and everyone had fun, including Chris who was able to be a competitor. We may have future battle royale episodes for the podcast.┬áKate enjoys painting and basing miniatures for herself and her fellow players, and the occasional batch of monsters or a special ‘big bad” for the DM as needed.

Distinguishing Traits:

  • Emotionally invested in the game.
  • Enjoys complexity.


  • Kat (nickname from Greg).
  • Kate the Great.
  • Gorgeous (term of endearment from Chris).

Associated Catch Phrases:

  • Kate smash! (she breaks things, like shearing metal pipes in two, and she throws heavy weights for sport).

Why did you start playing roleplaying games?

  • Soon after Chris and I started dating, our mutual group of friends were discussing D&D with him and he offered to run an adventure with us to see if we enjoyed it. We did – and Chris offered to run a full campaign for us right after that. From a role-playing standpoint, I was immediately hooked on the idea of developing a compelling character and creating a story with a group of my closest friends.

What are your most memorable campaign moments?

  • In our first campaign with Chris as Dungeon Master, we fought and killed the god Vecna at the end of the campaign. I was using artifacts to help us do this, which made me a target – and I was disintegrated (killed such that instant revivify by our healers wasn’t possible) late in the fight. In Curse of Strahd with John as DM, I had a back story where my brother had disappeared into Barovia years before me, and we ended up encountering his corpse with a new “host” as a boss fight unexpectedly during the campaign.

What is one fun fact about you?

  • I served in the Navy for 8 years after college before I moved back home and reconnected with many of my friends (and their mutual friends), some of whom who have gone on to create the core of the Knights of Roleplay. My Navy travels took me halfway around the world, and one of my three cats was adopted while I was in Japan.
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