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Chris BucknerSarah started playing Dungeons and Dragons in 2018 when she joined Chris’ home group that would eventually become the Knights of Roleplay. Her first character for a full length campaign was a rogue in the Curse of Strahd campaign. She used a powerful artifact weapon to great effectiveness with the rogue’s sneak attack class feature. She won a battle royal team challenge with Greg (eighth level characters). She’s a photographer and took pictures for this podcast.

Distinguishing Traits:

  • Powerful voice (she’s a great singer).
  • Occasionally snorts when she laughs (we love this).


  • Jazzy (nickname from Greg, she sang in a big band).
  • Spider-Rogue (her first character, a rogue with a climbing speed).

Associated Catch Phrases:

  • I love you so f#$%ng much right now!

Why did you start playing roleplaying games?

  • I became involved in my first (albeit short) RPG back in 2005 when a coworker invited me to join their Spycraft group. As a long time theater junkie I have always enjoyed taking on a persona and when my friends approached me to join D&D night I was happy to give it a whirl!!

What are your most memorable campaign moments?

  • I have only been involved in one full campaign with my favorite nerds, but my most memorable moments have both been striking in very different ways! My first would be my first night in Curse of Strahd as a level one rogue when I was trying to be helpful and an animated suit of armor nearly killed me! The second was a role play moment with an NPC in the same campaign where we had a deep conversation about the light of hope and not giving up.

What is one fun fact about you?

  • I spent a great deal on my early adult life singing with a 21-piece big band orchestra based out of Concord, NH. If given the chance, I will put anything to song!!
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