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Candlekeep Mysteries Mini-Campaign

DM Sarah is at the helm as she runs us through an adventure book from Wizards of the Coast called Candlekeep Mysteries. It is an anthology of seventeen mystery-themed adventures. Each adventure begins with a book that the characters find in Candlekeep, an enormous library located on the Sword Coast in the Forgotten Realms setting. Our friend Brian is adventuring with us for this campaign. Our group played extra sessions and saved up these adventures so they could be released while Chris and Kate take some time off to adjust to life with their daughter and their newborn son. Our Tomb of Annihilation campaign ended unexpectedly, about six weeks before the baby’s due date, so the third Cankdlekeep Mysteries adventure was recorded and added to the series. It had been just over a year since we played the characters.


    • Nyl-Rok Bourdoner Kodunatha – Goliath, Level 9, Multicass, Level 1 Fighter, Level 8 Bard (College of Lore).
    • Rage the Barbarian – Gnome, Level 9, Barbarian (Path of the Ancestral Guardian).
  • GREG
    • Finn Bellwether – Elf, Level 9, Monk (Way of the Ascendant Dragon).
  • JOHN
    • Whiff – Fairy, Level 9, Rogue (Arcane Trickster).
  • KATE
    • Sindra Beldaine – Human, Level 9, Wizard (School of Evocation).
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