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Spacefarers Campaign

Our first podcast campaign was called Spacefarers. Spacefarers is a campaign setting that takes place in the stars, and is based on the campaign setting Spelljammer from Advanced Dungeons and Dragons (1989). Ships fly through wildspace, surrounded by a bubble of air that must be replenished at regular intervals. Ship designs vary from your typical seafaring vessels like cutters and galleons, with the crew standing on deck during space flight, to ships resembling mosquitoes, dragonflies, squids, and hammerhead sharks (Dungeon Master Chris added homebrewed items like laser weapons, jetpacks, and rocket boots). Any race, from any world, can be seen in the Spacefarers campaign setting. Holster that laser pistol and prepare for the most exciting Dungeons and Dragons adventures in the galaxy!

Our fun little homebrewed 5E D&D Spelljammer game, that ended four days before official 5E Spelljammer was released, concluded with episode #93 on Tuesday, Sept 6th, 2022. Our Tomb of Annihilation campaign started shortly thereafter.

Spacefarers Campaign Journal

Player Characters: Follow the links below to their corresponding journal entries: Adventure 1 – New Frontiers (podcast episodes #4 & #5)Adventure 2 – Missing Persons (podcast episodes #7 & #8)Adventure 3 – Lost and Found (podcast episodes #10 & #11)Adventure 4 – Salvage Mission (podcast episodes #13 & #14)Adventure 5 – Space Station Omega – …

Spacefarers House Rules

We used 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons rules, with the following house rules. Dungeon Master Chris also leveraged 2nd Edition Spelljammer PDFs from DriveThruRPG to homebrew his own 5th Edition Spelljammer rules. GH-88 (homebrew creation by Chris, based on Steel Defender).

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