Tomb of Annihilation Campaign

DM John is running us through the notoriously deadly dungeon known as the Tomb of Annihilation. Many of us have created numerous characters in anticipation of our starting characters not surviving to the end of the dungeon. Our friend Brian will be adventuring with us for this campaign.

Special Rules

  • Spells that bring characters back from the dead do not work.
  • Death saving throw DCs (difficulty class) are 15 instead of 10, meaning a 15 or higher must be rolled on the D20 for a success.
    • 3 successful death saves means the character is stable (standard rule).
    • 3 failed death saves means the character dies (standard rule).
  • Death saving throws are made in secret by the Dungeon Master, rather than in the open by the player.


  • Brian
    1. Fang – Goblin, Level 9, Multiclass, Level 1 Cleric (Peace Domain)/Level 7 Druid (Circle of the Moon)/Level 1 Monk.
  • Chris
    1. Gleep – Plasmoid, Level 9, Monk (Way of the Drunken Master).
  • Greg
    1. Mayok – Human, Level 9, Paladin (Oath of Vengeance).
  • Kate
    1. Tavriel – Elf, Level 9, Monk (Way of Mercy).
  • Sarah
    1. Durkris – Kobold, Level 9, Barbarian (Path of the Beast).