OGL 1.1

Knights of Roleplay does not support the Open Gaming License 1.1 from Wizards of the Coast (WotC). Please keep in mind that the people at WotC responsible for the creation of the OGL 1.1 probably make up a very small minority within the company. The large majority of the people working for WotC are probably mortified regarding the creation of the OGL 1.1. We urge all fans of Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) to please try your best to avoid directing negativity towards WotC as a whole. Please keep in your hearts the people at WotC who are struggling through this very difficult time because of things completely out of their control. And please remember, D&D does not belong to Wizards of the Coast. It belongs to us, the people who play it. It belongs to the people who have played a single adventure, the people who have been playing for decades, and every player in between. This is our hobby, and to that point, Knights of Roleplay will continue to produce actual play D&D content.

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